Give these children a future!
Dina Leandro Andersen København Red børn fanget i katastrofer

Give these children a future!

Imagine how much impact you will have in someone’s life if you skip that caffe latte today and have a homemade coffee with milk instead. For you it may not feel like a lot but less than 50 kr. you can medicate 5 sick children. That is a lot of help for very little money. 🥺 People in social media are the most informed and are eager to find solutions for the problems they read about or encounter. I’m one of them. Children all around the world are suffering and it is not their fault. They have a right to live and they should have hope to see tomorrow. Let’s not go about our lives knowing horrible things are happening as we speak and no nothing. There are things we can do that makes a huge difference! Support them today so they can live to see tomorrow. They thank you a lot. xx

Amount Raised:
Target: 3,000 kr.
3/22/2019 4/21/2019



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Give these children a future!
Dina Leandro Andersen
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